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As you know we are always innovating and bringing new ideas to automotive repair. Well we have some awesome car battery news. Starting January 1st 2020 we are putting a 5 Year Warranty on every battery we sell. We are also going to prevent any future corrosion that may happen by performing a BG Battery Service when we install the battery. This means when you purchase a battery and have it installed by us, you will not have to purchase another battery or pay to clean the battery terminals for 5 Years. All you need to do to keep the warranty valid is visit the shop once every 365 days to keep the warranty valid.

Corroded Battery Terminal On A Honda. Don’t have your day ruined by a car that does not start.

During this visit will perform a charging system check and a battery health check to ensure the battery and charging system are still in good operating condition. We will also check and clean the battery connections if we see corrosion starting. Preventing corrosion on the battery connections is vital to keeping your car running properly. Corroded connections at the battery can cause some very odd electrical issues as well as no start conditions.

Now for the rest of the disclaimers. Our 5 Year battery warranty is for cars and light trucks only. Coverage is not offered on emergency and commercial vehicles. Coverage starts on date of original purchase and lasts for the period of 5 Years. This warranty does not cover damage from an accident or outside force acting upon the battery. We will replace a weak battery and clean the terminals at no cost to you during the warranty period.

We know that your car is a huge investment and we want to provide top notch service and value when you chose us to take car of your car. Call us today to schedule an appointment.