EVERYONE HATES BUYING TIRES! I say this because I have have been there trying to make a decision about which tire to buy. It is a decision $400+ decision you will live with for many miles. Well Today we are going to help cut through some of the confusion and hopefully help you make a great decision on your next set of tires. This is the first part of a multipart series on tires. Today we are going to discuss GRADES of tires.

There are three grades of tires: Budget, Mid Grade, And Premium. Budget tires are just like they sound, budget minded.  Most Mid Grade tires come with a 50,000+ mile tread wear warranty while premium tires usually come with a 70,000+ tread wear warranty.

Budget Tires

Budget Tires usually are for people who are on tight budget and need tires that are round and hold air. They generally last 20-30 thousand miles and have marginal traction in wet weather. Dry road traction is usually good with these types of tires. We have tried many different budget tires over the years and all have had the same result of not being able to pull out from a stop sign. We don’t recommend buying these tires because of the low wet traction and quick wear.

Mid Range Tires

Mid Range tires are the most widely purchased tires because of the good mix of tire technology and reasonable pricing. These tires provide good wet and dry traction. Mid Range tires have a wide range to warranties put on them from the tire manufacturer. Most of these tires carry a 50,000+ mile warranty on tread wear and usually backed up with a 30 or more day ride guarantee. 

Premium Tires

Premium tires are just like they sound, the absolute best tires you can purchase. These tires usually have the latest tire technology in them that allow them to perform very well in all weather conditions. Most Premium tires come with a tread wear warrant of 70,000+ miles and are designed to increase you fuel mileage while providing extreme comfort and quietness.  They also have some rubber technology which allows them to keep there balance for the entire length they are on your car.

These are just a few differences between the different grades of of tires. Click HERE to discover the differences between Summer, All Season, All Weather, and Winter tires.