Winter time is not far off……

Hi. We have some great news. We recently became a certified remote start installer. For years we have had people walking in and asking if we installed them. Well we finally took the leap and made the investment into training to install remote car starters.

One of the first question you may ask is how much is it? Well that is not an easy question to answer. The most basic remote starter is about $300 installed but most cars require a system that is much more complicated than the most basic system. Every car built today has a lot of security functions that need to work to make the car start and still be secure so no one can steal it. This involves much more wiring and adding and programing modules to make the car start and shut off if it being stolen.

Another option is to add a cell phone app to the remote start system. This allows you to start your car from anywhere as long as your phone has a data connection and the receiver in the car has cell phone reception. There is a subscription fee for this service. If you work far from where you park or take a shuttle to where your car is when you are done with work you can start it on your way there and have the car thawed out in the winter and cooled off in the summer by the time you get there. With the cell phone app it also allows you to monitor the location of your car.

There is also an option to add a security system on to the remote starter. This involves an additional module and sensors. This also takes quite a bit more time to install and set up the sensors. If the sensors are too sensitive it will set off the alarm as a vehicle drives by.

With all these different options the price of the instillation does change with what options you would like and what your car requires to make the system operate correctly. If you are interested in having a remote starter installed on your car Call the shop or Email us. Some of the information we will need is year, make, model, if it has a regular key or if it is a push button start, and what options you would like.