There are a few reasons your cars ac is blowing hot air. One of the biggest reasons is the refrigerant leaked out. Your cars ac system uses the refrigerant to chill the air coming into the car. If the refrigerant level gets to low the ac compressor will not run and it causes you ac to blow hot air. To repair your cars ac so it blows cold again an ac system inspection should be preformed to locate the leak.

During the inspection the mechanic will use a uv black light to check for leaks. Most ac systems are filled with florescent dye from the factory. This dye will glow green when the black light shines on it. If the car never had dye in it or the dye has washed off, the ac system should be charged and dye installed to find the leak. After putting the dye in the ac will have to run for an hour or two to allow the dye to leak out.

The most prone areas for ac leaks are the condenser, ac compressor, and hose connections. After locating the leak the Freon needs to be recovered. Once the Freon is recovered the leaking part can be repaired and the system recharged. You are then ready to ride in comfort. If you need help finding out why your ac is blowing hot call us. We can preform an ac inspection and keep you cool this summer.